Brass Cleaning & Brightening

Ultrasonic Cleaning trials can help determine suitability of ultrasonic cleaning –

In this video clip, see some large brass knobs being ultrasonically cleaned and brightened.

This application required the use of the Elma Tec Clean A2, which is ideal for cleaning of brass. It will also brighten brass.
See more technical data on Tec Clean A2

TI-H series – 25 kHz or 45 kHz
The Elma TI-H series offer a selection of two operating frequencies. 45 kHz for standard cleaning applications and 25 kHz which is ideal of industrial aggressive cleaning applications. Each frequency can also be further controlled with adjustment of the ‘power’ dial on the cleaner control panel.
The TI-H series also feature fabricated stainless steel tanks, which are of a higher grade of stainless steel (suitable for medical users).

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