Elmasonic S series – Ultrasonic Cleaners

The Elmasonic S series ultrasonic cleaners offer an efficient, reliable, multi-mode ultrasonic cleaner. The S series ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for challenging, precision cleaning tasks. Elma Germany has equipped each of their S series cleaners with three ultrasonic operating modes: sweep, degas and normal operation mode.

For your standard cleaning needs, the normal operation mode will quickly and efficiently clean your parts.

Sweep Operating Mode

Should you ever be faced with a more challenging cleaning task, the “sweep mode” can be selected.  The Frequency variation, modulation, or sweep prevents formation of standing Ultrasonic Cleaner ELS030H Heated 2.75 litrewaves in the tank. A fixed frequency can produce a harmonic vibration that damages delicate parts like eletronic components. When operating in sweep mode, the ultrasonic generator’s frequency is modulated slightly above and below the central frequency, typically ± 1-4 kHz.

Until only recently sweep ultrasonics were only available in industrial and high end professional cleaning systems. Elma Sweep technology is now standard on all S series ultrasonic cleaners.

Degas Operating Mode

In addition, each of the S series ultrasonic cleaners are equipped with a “degas function”.

By selecting Degas, the ultrasonic cleaner will rapidly ‘degas’ the cleaning fluid. Degas introduces a different frequency into the cleaning fluid to rapidly remove ‘gases’ within the cleaning fluid – providing you with a ‘ready to use’ efficient cleaning action within minutes.

This feature will keep your ultrasonic cleaning process effective when ‘batch’ of surgical or dental instruments in a freshly filled bath.


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