Heating with Ultrasonic Cleaning

Why does the cleaning liquid heat up without heating ?
Ultrasonic energy is transformed into heat in an ordinary physical process. Unit and heating liquid heat up during ultrasonic operation even if the heating on the unit is not switched on. During permanent operation temperatures exceeding 40 °C can be reached.

When cleaning temperature-sensitive items take into consideration that the cleaning liquid will heat up during ultrasonic operation.  For the removal of protein and blood particles from product, ensure that the temperature of the cleaning liquid keeps below 42 °C. 

Why does the temperature of the cleaning liquid exceed the set temperature ?
The temperature set at the temperature control determines at which temperature the heating is switched off. As the ultrasonic power is transformed almost completely into heat (physical process), it is possible that the cleaning liquid is heated up further due to the ultrasonic acitivity. This is more apparent with lower set temperatures.

How can the temperature of the cleaning liquid be kept at a constant level ?
We also offer a cooling coil for deep-drawn tanks (S series, P series & E series only – not for welded tanks X-tra, X-tra Basic 0r TI-H).  The cooling coil is fastened into the ultrasonic tank and is connected to a cooling circulating system (cryostatics or city water); the cooling coil can prevent overheating of the cleaning liquid.

In general, most ultrasonic cleaning applications will work best in a cleaning fluid temperature of between 50°C – 85°C . It is important to select the correct cleaning fluid for the specific cleaning application.

VIDEO : See the Elma Cooling Coil – how it fits into the cleaning bath

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