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Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners for Laboratory applications & Intensive Cleaning –
Elmasonic S50R:
Specially designed for program controlled applications

  • Cleaning of test sieves
  • Degassing
  • Laboratory applications

Elmasonic S series:

  • Uniform sound distribution produces perfect results
  • Quick degassing of liquids before analysis
  • Standard mode for optimised sample processing
  • Emulsifying and dissolving

Elmasonic P series:

  • Power control for optimised sample preparation
  • Mulit Frequency for standard applications or sensitive applications
  • Ability to ‘pause’ and temporarily stop the current application

Main applications include – 

Degassing – for precise analysing
Dispersing – Dissoluble solid particles are evenly distributed providing permanent soluble dispurtion
Emulsifying – two liquids that are not miscible are mixed creating a homogeneous solution
Intensive ultrasonic cleaning

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Video – Elma Ultrasonics for the Lab

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