Sonocheck Test Vials now available

Testing your Ultrasonic Cleaner activity level –

Question: How do you determine whether your ultrasonic cleaner is functioning as it should ?

Answer: We have the solution ! Sonocheck Test Vials are now available for online purchase through this website

Ideal for medical, hospitals, surgical centres, dental laboratories, manufacturing jewellers, Optometry, avionics, engineering, automotive, in fact anyone who demands effective ultrasonic cleaning in their process.

Made in Germany, the Sonocheck test vials allow you to quickly establish that your ultrasonic cleaning process is effective.

The vials are placed into the ultrasonic cleaning tank as outlined (refer to our Sonocheck User Guide). If the vial changes colour from Green to Yellow, you have a positive result.

Quick, easy, reliable and scientific results will help optimize your ultrasonic cleaning process.

We use these vials during technical service of Elma ultrasonic cleaners to ensure effective ultrasonic functions and transducers are working as they should.



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