Elmasonic new look EASY 10 Video

Here is a short video clip to show off the ‘new look’ Elmasonic EASY series ultrasonic cleaners.

Coming SOON. New Elma Accessories

Ultrasonic Cleaning Clock Movement

See Elmasonic’s clean this 100 year old Brass Clock Movement

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Hairdressers use Ultrasonic Cleaning

Want it clean ? Use Ultrasonic cleaning..

Hygiene has always been important, but in recent times we have seen even more need to ensure we are keeping our equipment hygienically cleaned.

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ELMA Innovation Champion 2020 – TOP 100

Elma awarded as Top Innovator 2020

This award makes Elma one of the most innovative companies in Germany.
Awarded with the title “Top Innovator 2020” in the TOP 100 innovation competition.

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Introducing the Floor Standing X-tra ST ultrasonic cleaners

Here is the NEW X-tra ST – floor standing range of Elmasonic Ultrasonic Cleaners from Germany.
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A glimpse of the Australian Jewellery Fair 2017 – video

Here is a quick glimpse of our participation at the recent Australian Jewellery Fair (AJF), held at the Brisbane Convention Centre earlier this week.
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